Prof. Mahmudur Rahman

I am Professor Mahmudur Rohman from Bangladesh. I am 64 year old. I was detected to have Hepatitis B in 1992. Developed liver tumour, cancer in 2009 at a complicated state, which was operated urgently. I am taking medications since then. I always feel weak and can’t concentrate the daily activities and family life. I am always afraid of my life, anything might happen any time. I came to know that Hepatitis B & C are well preventable. I strongly demand that our Government should take Hepatitis seriously. Government should take active step to prevent viral hepatitis, so that our people should not get this serious disease like me. There are too many people living with Viral Hepatitis in our country. They should be treated properly before they develop liver cirrhosis & liver cancer like me. I know the treatment of viral Hepatitis is complicated, costly and long continued, which I am realizing every moment. Government, other organizations and individuals should come forward generously and stand by their side to minimize their suffering. I wholeheartedly want a world without Viral Hepatitis.

Professor Mahmudur Rohman succumbed to his illness on Dec 24, 2016.
It is unfortunate to experience this short of tragedy due of viral hepatitis.

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