Muhammad Reazul Islam

I am Muhammad Reazul Islam (41) from Bangladesh, an Assistant Professor of a rural College. Surviving with transplanted liver. Hepatitis B virus was first detected to me in 2002. Developed cirrhosis after discontinuation of medications. I am also diabetic and asthmatic. My sufferings were increasing day by day.

As last hope of my survival, living donor liver transplant was done for me at BIRDEM Hospital, Dhaka in 2011. I am very fortunate to be the second successful liver transplanted recipient in the history of Bangladesh.

I am back to my job and passing a very happy family life. I became father of my second daughter after liver transplantation.

Millions of people living with viral hepatitis in Bangladesh and around the world. They should be treated properly before they develop liver cirrhosis. Treatment of viral Hepatitis is complicated, costly and long continued. Liver transplant is the most expensive & complicated procedure. Prevention is the best way to get rid of the virus.

Every nation should take steps seriously to prevent spread of viral Hepatitis.

It’s important for everyone to stand beside the sufferers of viral hepatitis to minimize their sufferings.

I am very glad to find the ongoing ‘NOhep’ campaign worldwide launched by World Hepatitis Alliance. It’s a very inspiring vision for everyone. I wholeheartedly want a Viral Hepatitis free world within 2030. My message to all please save your own self from Hepatitis virus, stay well and keep well.

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