María José

My name is Maria Jose, I’m 45. I was diagnosed having Hepatitis C in 1995 by chance, for altered hepatic enzymes shock ? I haven’t suffered because in those years, people didn’t talk about hepatitis C and so, I didn’t know how serious the disease was I was lucky to entered in the 40% statistic who responds to Interferon ribavirina and well,

I’m cured of Hepatitis C but the story continues.

Although I’ve been fortunate of being cured of Hepatitis C it was not the same with my partner and in that moment I was really aware of the consequences of Hepatitis C.

He died a year and half ago because of hepatocarcinoma as a consequence of Hepatitis C.

He got the same treatment as me without response and without the possibility of access to new antivirals that currently they cure more than 90%.

Many would wonder what am I doing here if I am cured, my husband is dead but well, the fact of approaching the association of patients and affected from Hepatitis C it’s because I believe this has to have a human right point of view because we all have the right to health to good quality health, early access, information, treatments, the best treatments so that all persons living with Hepatitis C can be cured.

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