I’m Laura, I live in Kenya. When I became pregnant in May, 2017 I started attending antenatal clinics then one day they had to test us for hepatitis b..I was shocked to see that my results where positive I didn’t know how…it took me a whole month to accept my situation and i was put on medication whereby I took drugs for 11 months then I stopped…I gave birth on 31st January 2018 and my baby was vaccinated within 48 hours and given immunoglobulin…he’s now 1 year old and very healthy…I wonder what would happen to babies born by mother’s who are hepatitis positive but they don’t know…people should be taught of importance of getting tested especially pregnant mothers…

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Surender Kumar

  I was a human resources executive in a leading thermal power generation company in India. During a blood donation camp in 2010, I found

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