Dianne Scott

I left home at the early age of 15, contracted the hep B at age 19. Started a family at the age of 35, a home, mortgage, wonderful partner job, and two beautiful girls. A quiet suburban life, the life I had always dreamed about as a young girl. At age 45 my health was falling apart and was diagnosed with Hep C.

It has been a struggle both mentally and physically on not only I, but also my family.

Completing the 48 weeks of treatment in 2008 but was unable to rid the virus. It is my hopes in the near future that Hep C gets the attention, funding, and treatment needed to clear so many who have this chronic condition and for those who may not even know.

Awareness, test, and treat with affordable medicine for all who have this complex illness, HOPEFUL.

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Surender Kumar

  I was a human resources executive in a leading thermal power generation company in India. During a blood donation camp in 2010, I found

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