WHA releases new messaging guide for global fund advocates

For the past 18 months, WHA and partners have been advocating for the Global Fund to include more support for hepatitis services within their funding remit.

The Global Fund is currently developing its new strategy for the period 2023 -2028. To develop the strategy a series of virtual partnership forums are taking place to get input from Global Fund stakeholders. It is vital that we have supportive voices for the inclusion of hepatitis within the new strategy at the forums. 

WHA has created a new advocacy messaging briefing which highlights our ask for the inclusion of hepatitis services within the next Global Fund strategy 

Download the guide here 

The partnership forums are being attended by advocates from the HIV, tuberculosis and malaria communities so if you’re organisation is not directly participating in the partnership forums then reaching out to national organisations working within those areas would be advantageous as we seek allies to join our call. 

  • Partnership Forum I: Eastern Europe and Central Asia & Latin America and the Caribbean 9-11 February 2021
  • Partnership Forum II: Africa & MENA I*, 17-19 February 2021
  • Partnership Forum III: East Asia Pacific, South West Asia & MENA II**, 3-5 March 2021

    *MENA I: includes Morocco, Egypt, Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia Tunisia, South Sudan, Algeria, Mauritania, Djibouti, Eritrea
    **MENA II: includes Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine. 

With your support, we are optimistic that we can obtain more support services for the millions of people living with viral hepatitis in countries supported by the Global Fund. 

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