In this issue, we focus on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B as part of our new NOhep Moms campaign.

Across the globe, children are being born with hepatitis B, unknowingly passed onto them by their mothers at birth. For mothers, this can create a terrible burden of guilt and shame. This can be prevented by simple and affordable interventions. The NOhep Moms campaign invites all mothers, fathers and activists to unite to call for an end to this injustice, making our children the first NOhep generation. 

In this issue, we are also focusing on two extraordinary individuals: Chris Munoz from the Yellow Warriors Society of the Philippines who tells us about how he has been fighting on behalf of a chef who was discriminated against because of their hepatitis B and Thomas Tu who tells us about a new online support community, designed and led by people living with hepatitis B.

Read all of this and more in the latest edition of hepVoice. Download a pdf of this edition here or read an interactive version below.


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