2021 World Hepatitis Alliance Regional Board Member Elections

Below are the three regions where regional board member candidates are standing for election. The election process will start on 04.01.2021. All voting members will have been informed of the full election process by email. If you are a voting member and have not received this information, please contact us at admin@worldhepatitisalliance.org

EURO – European Region Candidates

Rachel Halford – United Kingdom
Chief Executive Officer, The Hepatitis C Trust

Read Rachels bio here 

PAHO – Americas Region Candidates

Patricia Velez-Moller- Guatemala
Founder, Guatemala Liver Association 

Read Patricia’s bio here 

SEARO – South East Asia Region Candidates

Rengasamy Ponnusamy Shanmugam – India
Founder, Chennai Liver Foundation 

Read Rengasamy’s bio here 

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