Youth Development & Health Initiatives



About Youth Development & Health Initiatives

Viral Hepatitis Education- We do community viral hepatitis education for injecting drug users, community through our Neddle and Syringe Program with funding from Global Fund from New Funding Model Fund to Optimising investment for HIV Fund. We also do case finding, refer, and linkages to treatment for LGBTQ, and sex-workers communities.

Immunization programs: We collaborate with the Government for mobilization for routine immunizations against hepatitis B to infants and children. We also support hepatitis B vaccinations to hard-to-reach populations and most at-risk young people.

Advocacy for Hepatitis Budgetary Allocation at the Government Level – We are currently advocating for budgetary allocation for Hepatitis prevention at the State level Government. Currently, TB, HIV, Malaria, and Family Planning have the budgetary allocation yearly for project implementation but Hepatitis does not have and we are implementing an Advocacy strategy to get budgetary allocation at the State level.

World Community Advisory Board (CAB) on Hepatitis C Generics and Diagnostics – We are also part of the World Community Advisory Board (CAB) on Hepatitis C Generic AND Diagnostics to demand equitable access to treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV) from multinational pharmaceutical companies.