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About Terrence Higgins Trust

Our vision

A world where people with HIV live healthy lives free from prejudice and discrimination, and good sexual health is a right and reality for all.

Our mission

  • Maximise sexual health in the UK, and minimise the spread of HIV and STIs, by encouraging people to value their sexual health and by leading innovation to increase access to local sexual health services.
  • Empower everyone living with HIV in the UK to maximise their health and wellbeing by working to ensure the best possible HIV treatment and support services
  • Lead public and political support for HIV and sexual health issues, and campaign to eradicate stigma and discrimination

Our values

  • Ambitious: We believe communities and individuals can change their own lives. We push ourselves and others to make this happen.
  • Honest: We are accountable to our communities, donors and funders. We work with integrity, transparency and efficiency. We communicate clearly and responsibly.
  • Different: We support, respect and value each other and work without prejudice. We are radical professionals, proud of our diversity, and united by a common cause.
  • Independent: We are an independent charity, rooted in the communities we serve. We use our insight to innovate and inspire change in policies, services and minds.

We are the largest voluntary sector provider of HIV and sexual health services in the UK, running services out of local centres across Great Britain.

The range and availability of services provided at any one centre depends on the needs of the community we serve and the requirements of our funders (usually local authorities and NHS organisations, sometimes voluntary funders).

Our local services fall into three areas: long term condition management; health improvement and clinical services.