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About Seham Health Care Foundation (SHECA)

The SHECA foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to the development of public awareness, prevention and care for viral hepatitis and related cancer. These infection and related cancer are preventable through behavioural changes, risk reduction and vaccination. This foundation is dedicated to informing the public about disease prevention strategies, screening of disease for early detection and provision of diagnosis and support for care.

These diseases are mangable and at best curable if detected early and approrptiate actions taken. SHECA foundation derives satisfaction from being able to say we helped to save a life. The foundation structures for the set objectives through fund raised from well-meaning indiviudals, corporate organizations and donor funders.

The SHECA foundation was formally founded in April 2015, through low scale operations started in 2009. The foundation comprises of patients, healthcare practitioners, advocacy specialist and interested members of the public. Membership is voluntary and open to person 18 years and above.

Our strategy:

  1. To organize campaign program to reduce the incidence of hepatitis infection and related cancer in Nigeria using preventive health care.
  2. To assist in preventing the incidence of chronic liver disease.
  3. To conduct a prevalence survey for the use of public hepatitis control program.
  4. To solicit for funds and support in order to reduce the incidence of hepatitis and other related helath matters in Nigeria.
  5. To conduct free screening and immunize the negative enrolees.
  6. To promote learning and research of hepatitis in educational institutions.
  7. To provide health/medical support to the sick in the society.
  8. Enrolees who are hepatitis B or C positive will be linked to the nearest specialist at the referral centers.