Romanian Liver Patients Association (APAH-RO)



T: 0040 0721304160



Bld Grivitei nr 91, Bloc 7, Scara D Brasov ap 6 Brasov Romania
About Romanian Liver Patients Association (APAH-RO)

The Association has the following goals:

a) to promote an attitude of support, tolerance and compassion towards persons with liver diseases and to defend their rights and interests

b) to carry out activities in order to create jobs for persons with liver diseases, in order to raise funds to provide financial help to persons with liver diseases experiencing difficulties and to support the Association’s activities

c) to humanize the disease by informing/educating the population on understanding that the persons with liver diseases are not a risk in their daily lives, on reducing prejudice, false information and ungrounded fear

d) to make sure that all governmental bodies assume responsibility for the issue regarding liver diseases

e) to create certain medical-psychological-social services for the persons with liver diseases and their families