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About Public Organisation “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL”

Location of work: Kyiv and all Ukraine.

About us: 
Public Organization "ALLIANCE.GLOBAL" started its activities with the initiative group in the field of HIV and STIs among MSM in 2001. The organization itself was incorporated in 2002. During this time, the NGO "ALLIANCE.GLOBAL" has become the largest MSM-service NGOs in Ukraine, efficiently implemented more than 20 projects and studies among MSM. It is allowed to reach 40% coverage of MSM audience receiving services in the field of HIV, STI and viral hepatitis prevention in Ukraine (today we are the biggest HIV service organizations in Ukraine, which is engaged in the MSM).

Since January 2015, we also began to engage in advocacy reach the most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS groups (IDUs, sex workers, MSM, former prisoners) to health and social services, the allocation of money from municipal budgets for programs for prevention, care and support in five regions of Ukraine, will also deal with the prevention of HIV among MSM in three other regions of the country. Also in 2015 we plan to address the issues of stigma and discrimination against representatives of the LGBT community.

Contributing in achieving the highest quality of life and health of MSM.

1. Reducing infection rates for HIV, STIs and viral hepatitis among MSM.
2. Mobilize community for defend of rights and interests MSM in Ukraine.
3. Increase the coverage and attract to clients of organization hard to reach MSM/LGBT.
4. Informing about safe sexual behavior among MSM;
5. Advocacy medical and social interests of MSM/LGBT and other vulnerable groups at local level.

Areas of work:
– implementation of preventive measures (rapid testing for HIV, STIs, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, VCT, advocacy of access to HIV diagnosis and HCV treatment), informational and educational work among MSM through training, support groups, club work and creative evenings;
– psychological support;
– MSM consultative assistance on various issues directly, on the Internet and telephone;
– working of community center for MSM in Kiev;
– involvement, where appropriate, to the work of specialists in the required fields;
– advocacy for access to medical and social services to representatives the most vulnerable to HIV, viral hepatitis, TB groups (IDUs, sex workers, MSM, former prisoners), the work with local authorities.
– conducting of educational trainings for activists the LGBT community for the human their rights and freedoms; informing the public of observance of rights and freedoms of the person in relation to MSM/LGBT by means of elucidation in the media and other available means.

Membership in international organizations / networks:
World Hepatitis Alliance; AIDS Action Europe; Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM); Stop TB Partnership; CORRELATION European Network Social Inclusion & Health.