Patient Welfare Foundation (PAWEM)



T: +265 09936-42094


PO Box 27, Chikhwawa Chikhwawa Malawi
About Patient Welfare Foundation (PAWEM)


To advocate for patient and vulnerable community groups rights and responsibilities in ensuring their welfare through the provision of quality and equitable health and community development services.


To be the leading welfare foundation in advocating for high quality, humane, equitable, patient-centered health and development services.

Our core values:

The following are the four main core values that we cherish in our operations:

1. We are open and honest

  • PAWEM is reliable, trustworthy andĀ transparent

2. We inspire people

  • Through our commitment to vulnerable people, we actively cooperate with others.
  • We strive to inspire people to take communal responsibility for their own lives and for the lives of others

3. We work on the basis of equality

  • PAWEM respects differences among people, cultures and Organizations and works towards health and community development based on equality, non- discrimination irrespective of race, tribe, religious or political affiliation

4. We focus on achieving sustainable results

  • We work in a competent, efficient, cost-effective, results-oriented, high quality and sustainable manner to achieve our goal


The goal of PAWEM is to advocate for the rights of patients and vulnerable community groups in order for them to access high quality, equitable and humane health and community services for the attainment of their respective welfare including environmental, social and economic activities.