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About Pacific Hepatitis C Network

Pacific Hepatitis C Network (PHCN) offers current, locally relevant information (i.e. public coverage of hepatitis C treatment; clinical trails ongoing; local clinics and resources) through our website.  PHCN provides some phone support to those who reach via the website to provide additional information about accessing treatment.  PHCN also offers a webinar based on the Hep C TIP website as well as tailored to specific communities and audiences. As well, PHCN works to inform government and other key stakeholders about the lived experience of patients and the impacts of health policy (and social determinants of health) on people living with an at-risk for hepatitis C.  We are currently working with partners to establish a phone-based HCV Peer Navigation system that provides detailed, one-one assistance to find and connect with services, programs and clinics available in any given region of the province. 

PHCN Programming Approaches

Accessible, Useful and Accurate The information and education we provide about hep C topics and issues is: accessible (easy to find and read, for instance); of interest to and good use for audiences; clear, accurate and up-to-date.

Community as Expert Skill and capacity building brings cutting-edge hepatitis C information/knowledge together with the expertise of communities.

PHCN Advocacy Approaches

Overarching Policy issues, such as how hep C treatment drugs are listed with BC Pharmacare.

Specific Policy and practice, such as how clinics handle addiction in patients needing hep C treatment.