National Hepatitis Association, The Gambia (NAHA)






Hepatitis unit, Medical Research Council, Fajara, P o BOX 273, Banjul, The Gambia Banjul 273 Gambia
About National Hepatitis Association, The Gambia (NAHA)

1. World hepatitis commeration. This we have been organising since 2015 together with Gambia Government, Ministry of Health, National Aids Control program, Medical Research Council and other NGOs/ stakeholders.
2. We also organise community screening and sensitisations. This also includes television and radio programmes.
3. We also help in training members/ community/ health workers on hepatitis B testing and screening.
4. NAHA also been organising workshops for Members to improve their knowledge on Hepatitis.
5. Families/ members are also assisted with counselling services.