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Waheedabad near Total petrol pump, Bypass sugar mills road, Mardan Pakhtunk Khyber Pakhtunk Pakistan
About Muhammad Yar Welfare Foundation (MYWF)

MYWF main aim is serving the Humanity, we worked for the flood victims last year and currently MYWF is doing free treatments of poor patients having Hepatits and cannot afford to do treatment, our next step will be to start working on constructing a hospital inshAllah, basically for Hepatitis treatment at NO COST. Especially since this disease will be commonly spread among the Victims who had to spend their days and nights unwillingly in the camps.

As one out of 10 Pakistani suffers from the virus of either Hepatitis B or C, the hepatitis-infected population of 15 million awaits the proper implementation of a National Programme for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis in Pakistan to control the deadly disease.

Unsafe drinking water, unscreened blood transfusion and the rampant use of used syringes have spread hepatitis, making it one of the biggest concerns for the country's health managers.

Our aim is to launch MYWF Programme for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis in Pakistan.

The major components of the Programme includes:

safe drinking water
safe blood transfusion
behaviour change communication
safe disposal of injection
invasive devices
capacity building
vaccination of high risk groups and free treatment for patients