Majbetegekért Alapítvány Foundation for Patients with Liver Disease



T: +36 30-514-2956



Albert Flórián út 5-7, Budapest H1097 H1097 Hungary
About Majbetegekért Alapítvány Foundation for Patients with Liver Disease

Main objectives of the Foundation for Patients with Liver Disease:

  • Promote higher standard of patients with chronic liver disease cared by the Szent László Hospital Clinic of Gastroenterology, Hepatology of care in line with European standards.
  • Helping the curative work of the liver units besides of Szent László Hospital.
  • Support for the new and the adequate current treatments are for the level of scientific clinical studies.
  • Promote research and treatment.
  • Promote investigation of liver transplant.
  • Supporting professional activity for prevention and medical care.
  • Promote early diagnosis, optimal treatment and care programs of liver disease.
  • Testing and application for of early diagnosis.
  • Gain experience for the modern possibilities of prevention.
  • Supporting the participation on relevant scientific congresses, symposia which are relevant of the objectives.
  • Cover the expenses necessary for research publication, in other – mainly on publications to patients – editing support.
  • Support grants for employees with outstanding activity (nurse assistant, doctor), includingl scholarships, study abroad, and the promotion of domestic and international conference participation.
  • Calls for proposals in the field of hepatology.
  • Financial supporting the publications, documents, lectures about patient's' health promoting, information.
  • Improving conditions in the hospital and ambulatory care.
  • Purchase of equipment and instruments.
  • Outsourcing equipments owned by the Foundation and ensure proper use of them.