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About Long Life Africa

Long Life Africa (LLA) is a charity medical team whose ultimate goal is to provide preventive and community base health care to the people of Ghana and Africa at large.. our topmost priority is to provide Hepatitis-B awareness,screening and vaccination campaign in all the second and third cycle institutions in Ghana and beyond.

Our primary goal at Student Health Services is to promote optimal health for all members of our diverse student community by consistent delivery of excellent medical care and psychological services and preventive education that enables students to take responsibility for their own health. Fostering an environment in which high priority is given to personal health and well-being to help students reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. Student Health Services provides accessible individualized health service .Our targets include those in the Junior High, Senior High, and the tertiary institutions. Our activities are in three folds.

Our Mission
To provide Hepatitis B awareness, screening, and vaccination campaign among the youth in Ghana and Africa at large. To draw together those with Hepatitis B for a bigger collective voice to exact better services.Besides to build the capacity of the youth against the use of Narcotics

Our Vision
To eliminate Hepatitis B from Ghana and Africa at large through our school outreach programs and community awareness campaign strategies.

Our Goals for 2013-2020
· To raise awareness about causes, treatment and management of HBV
· To raise awareness about the need for our twenty four million people at risk to obtain their HBV safety test and vaccination
· Provide counseling to individuals with HBV to their families and friends putting people in touch with others for support and sharing experiences
· Campaign to secure the best possible services in Ghana for the prevention of Hepatitis (HBV) infection, including Universal Immunization
· Campaign to secure the best possible services in Ghana for the management of HBV virus –related liver disease , including liver   cancer