Keelung Association for Liver Disease Prevention and Control






222 Mai-Chin Road Keelung Taipei
About Keelung Association for Liver Disease Prevention and Control

Our Association was established on October 26, 1999. Our service is for residents of Keelung in northern Taiwan and residents of the northern coast of Taipei County. Six goals are set for the prevention and treatment of liver disease: First, to promote public awareness of liver disease. Second, to promote the public to understand the prevention and treatment of liver disease. Third, the establishment of liver disease related support groups (Hepatitis B virus patient association, Hepatitis C virus patient association, liver cancer patient association). Fourth, promote health education activities and screening related to liver disease. Fifth. Cooperate with hospitals to promote liver disease research. Sixth, to promote the emergency rescue plan for liver disease.
After the establishment of our association, in the liver disease screening, the Association held several liver disease screening activities in the fishing villages in the northeast to identify hidden patients with viral liver disease. Then we wound transfer these chronic hepatitis patients to the hospitals for receiving adequate therapy to avoid following liver disease complications. In terms of public education, the Association holds four lectures on liver disease and health education in the northeast fishing village every year. In addition, three times hepatitis associated meeting in a year about chronic hepatitis B virus infection or chronic hepatitis C virus infection or liver cirrhosis or liver cancer were held in Keelung Chang Gung Hospital to give people a clearer understanding of viral liver disease and liver cancer. Then they would affect the surrounding friends and relatives, to reach the realm of all peopleanti-liver disease. Additionally, in encouraging liver disease research, we know that there are very important for outstanding researches to find out the solutions of these hepatitis related problem. Our Association is very encouraging for the study of liver related diseases, and the International Symposium on Hepatology Medicine has been has been carried out successively.
As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure", Our Association hopes that by continuing to promote the prevention and treatment of liver disease, Taiwan's northeast corner will become a “ net place of liver disease".