Israel Association for the Health of the Liver (Hetz)



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About Israel Association for the Health of the Liver (Hetz)

Main goals
1. Diagnosis of as many people with viral Hepatitis in Israel as possible
2. Ensuring optimal treatment of patients 
3. Promotion of public awareness and advocacy activities for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and for tackling the stigma associated with it
4. Raising awareness of hepatitis related issues among the public and decision makers, as well as other activities to improve  patients' health and quality of life 

Public Activities
Hetz's main goal is diagnosis and treatment of patients struggling with liver disease in Israel. The framework for achieving this includes:

• Advocacy activities and awareness raising, including World Hepatitis Day in Israel each year
• Parliamentary activity and promoting partnerships with institutions and organizations
• Programs for diagnosis and treatment, and research and data collection 
• Providing information and training, including individual assistance for patients