International Network on Hepatitis in Substane Users (INHSU)



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About International Network on Hepatitis in Substane Users (INHSU)

The Internation Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU) is an international organisation dedicated to scientific knowledge exchange, knowledge translation, and advocacy focused on hepatitis C prevention and care for people who use drugs.

People who use drugs are disproportionately affected by hepatitis C. Further, the burden of hepatitis C-related disease in this group continues to grow at alarming rates and represents a major cost to the healthcare system. However, the majority of those affected are currently not adequately reached. Therefore, increasing hepatitis C testing, linkage to care, treatment and cure among people who use drugs is of paramount importance.

The objective of INHSU is to create a global network that works with local partners to support health care workers, policy makers, researchers and people who use drugs to increase hepatitis C prevention and care. The vision of the organisation is all people have access to high quality, compassionate, and equitable health care.


1. Support and facilitate scientific exchange and dissemination of knowledge

2. Educate health professionals, researchers, community organisations, people who use drugs and policy makers on hepatitis C prevention, screening, linkage to care, and treatment

3. Collaborate with other societies, government organisations, professional associations, community members, institutions and individuals to advocate for hepatitis C prevention and care among people who use drugs.

Key activities that INHSU undertake include an annual international conference, education activities through Europe, Canada and Australia, and policy and advocacy work. All of these specifically focus on the issues related to hepatitis C and associated health concerns for people who use drugs.