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Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Rd, Hindu Colony, Mumbai Mumbai 400014 India
About HepFree India

HepFree India is an initiative of Kalavati Rajnikant Kanakia (KRK) Foundation. The overall objective of the initiative is to engage members of the general population through different avenues to increase awareness about Chronic Hepatitis B & C and to encourage active participation in the prevention, diagnosis, transmission and treatment of Chronic Viral Hepatitis.

The HepFree India – Hepatitis Free India (HFI) initiative involves a series of Awareness and Screening camps across the country. In the first phase HFI shall start its activities from Mumbai and gradually extend it to other districts of Maharashtra and India. These camps are intended to make people aware about the problem of Viral Hepatitis, ways to prevent it, complications and available treatment options.

HFI camps will also perform Hepatitis B & C tests by Rapid Card Tests to diagnose Hepatitis B & C early and guide infected individuals to panel of our specialists for further management. These tests would cost an individual approximately INR 6,00- 1,000 at private laboratories. HFI will conduct these tests free of charge.