Hepatitis Coalition of Ghana




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About Hepatitis Coalition of Ghana


Our mission is to support Ghana to reduce the spread of hepatitis and meet the challenges of hepatitis through building capacity as well as protecting the rights of people living with chronic hepatitis.


Seeking a hepatitis free Ghana


1) To provide care that helps improve the quality of life of patients and their family facing the problem associated with viral hepatitis.
2) To prevent mother to child transmission of viral hepatitis
3) To bring together patient’s groups and patients in a network that would eliminate any forms of unfair discrimination on basis of viral hepatitis and to deliver a measurable response to viral hepatitis epidemic in Ghana
4) To provide direct engagement with hepatitis service organizations, individuals and stakeholders to address the needs, issues and challenges facing people living with viral hepatitis.
5) To reduce the stigma associated with chronic viral hepatitis by improving education and understanding of chronic viral hepatitis.
6) To mobilize resources to support member organizations for effective hepatitis services.

7) To advocate to Government and other relevant agencies for easy access to hepatitis testing, treatment and support for people living with chronic hepatitis
8) To work with member groups to help in ensuring that every member groups has effective policies to fight against Hepatitis.

What we do

The Hepatitis coalition of Ghana amongst other things would
1) Raise awareness about the prevention of Hepatitis virus infection, including the key role of immunization.
2) Raise awareness about the treatment and management of chronic Hepatitis.
3) Campaign to secure the best possible services in Ghana for the prevention of viral Hepatitis infection, including universal immunization


HEPCOG will be established on these core values which will be highly upheld by all the member organizations within the coalition in order to achieve the Coalition’s objectives:

1. Integrity. We are interested in working so hard within HEPCOG mission and vision, being honest, accountable and transparent in everything we do and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.
2. Commitment. Our focus is to work together effectively to serve individuals living with viral hepatitis and the larger community in Ghana.
3. Respect for all. We affirm the potential, dignity and contribution of community participants, development partners, donors and members as we work for the betterment of our people living with viral hepatitis in Ghana.