Hepatitis C Cured Patient Association




About Hepatitis C Cured Patient Association

In March 2018 Hepatitis C Cured Patient Association within Georgia HCV elimination project was established. The idea and concept were origins on Georgia Technical Advisory Group meeting in 2017. Association is established by Temur Radiana, Doctor of Biology, Author of the idea, Mr. Irakli Koridze, an economist, Mr. Ezekiel Intskirvell-Chkheidze. These people were treated, along with thousands of other Georgians struggling with HCV;
This mission of association is promoting successful implementation of HCV elimination program in Georgia, raising awareness on viral hepatitis and reduction of stigma and discrimination related to hepatitis in society.
The goals and actives are:
1. Uniting the Patients Cured of HCV and forming a supportive advocacy group;
2. Raising awareness on HCV elimination programme in the population;
3. Reducing stigma and discrimination related to hepatitis in medical institutions and societies;
4. Attracting population to increase awareness of the problem of hepatitis C;
5. Cooperation with governmental, non-governmental organisations and funds to support the communication activities within the HCV elimination programme;
6. Increasing popularity and availability of the successful programmes and disseminating information on new initiatives; cooperation with the EU professional institutions;
7. Sharing the Information and Experience on HCV Elimination in Georgia participating in international meetings and conferences organised by international advocacy organisations;
8. Expansion of the Association by increasing the involvement of cured patients.

We are also having regional meetings and usually are on Georgia TV shows.