Hepatitis ACT




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36 David Street, Turner ACT ACT 2602 Australia
About Hepatitis ACT

Hepatitis ACT is Canberra’s community hepatitis organisation.

We are funded by ACT Health to deliver a comprehensive range of hepatitis related information, education, training, advocacy, policy, preventative and referral services. We aim to reduce transmission, and the associated morbidity and mortality, and to minimise the personal and social impacts.

Hepatitis ACT delivers a comprehensive range of services including hepatitis-related information and education, training and workforce development, health promotion, prevention (needle and syringe program), resource distribution, support, advocacy and referral.

Our vision

Continuing reduction in the prevalence of viral hepatitis, with people affected by hepatitis in our community:

making respected and meaningful contributions to decision making that affects their lives
having full access to relevant information, care, treatment and support, and
enjoying a full range of rights in keeping with Human Rights legislation and the Ottawa Charter, irrespective of culture, age, religion, sexuality, social or economic status and race.

Our values

We act with respect and integrity.
We enable self-determination.
We provide inclusive and confidential services.
We work together to be leaders in our field.
We value accountability and evidence based practice.