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About Hepa Foundation

Hepa foundation is a national community based non Government, non political and non-profitable organization. It’s an only one who has contributing & working on Hepatitis C since 2005 & have a registered legally on June 2007; it has been fully running and managing by People Living with HCV.  

Advocating for protecting rights of People living with HCV & affected by hepatitis viruses & help to minimize the stigma and discrimination related to hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and drug users in the society for enhancing quality of life for infected and affected people. Promoting to comprehensive harm reduction program for prevent the HCV by IDUs and general peoples.

Taking the initiation by PLWHCV to reach the target population and raise voices in unison for the greater and meaningful involvement of PLWHCV in all levels.
Adopting healthy practices that prevent acquiring various blood born diseases & Continuous awareness and prevention program about viral hepatitis and HIV/HCV co infection and simultaneously advocacy program to prioritize the issues to concern agencies and pressurize them for urgent act on viral Hepatitis.

Strategic viral Hepatitis information and communication support to promote the capacity of People living with HCV, to facilitate their engagement and networking, to highlight their experiences and the solutions they are offering to address viral Hepatitis issues in Nepal.
The main goal of this initiative is to significantly enhance coverage and quality of Hepatitis services for peoples (including IDUs those who buy and sell sex, their partners and those who are living with HIV).

• To provide access to information for people living with Hepatitis C.
• To improve access to treatment for people living with Hepatitis C.
• Focused advocacy on evidence based HCV comprehensive package.
• To promote and protect the Human Rights of people living with Hepatitis C.
• To advocate for involvement of people living with Hepatitis C in decision makings at all levels.
• To build social acceptance to reduce stigma and discrimination.
• To create opportunities for networking between people living with Hepatitis C and groups of people living with Hepatitis C.
• To increase availability of information and support for interventions addressing risk from drug injection and unsafe sex.