Habataki Welfare Project




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Shin-ogawamachi Bldg 5F, Shin-ogawamachi 9-20, Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo 162-0814 Japan
About Habataki Welfare Project

Habataki is a unique social welfare organization in Japan, which engages in activities to stop a recurrence of drug-induced disaster. We continue to provide information and support for hemophilia patients and their family

Our vision

  • Improve medical services, welfare and social life for hemophilia patients with HIV in Japan. 
  • Contribute public welfare and medical care to hemophilia community.
  • Stop a recurrence of drug-induced disaster.

Our activities

  • Counseling services: We respond to the obstacles and problems faced by victims and their family.
  • Research projects: We support health and life in patients by investigating/solving their present facts.
  • Education and enlightenment program: We carry on activities to eliminate the prejudice and discrimination towards HIV from the tragic experience of HIV-tainted blood scandal.

Our motto

When the patients get a positive frame of mind, medical system will also certainly change the attitude.

We make efforts to create a society where everyone protects our life and health. We respect each individual’s presence. And our activities are based on two points as follows:

1) We hope that we will achieve a society where each individual esteems their life.

2) We hope that the patient will make life independently. On the background of good quality of medical care and welfare, we continuously work our daily tasks with volunteer, company, non-profit organization (NPO) and administrative agency in order to obtain the idea that physically and mentally challenged individuals live comfortably in this society.