Giving Hope Foundation



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PO Box 4935 St Noah Church of Uganda, Nanfukambi Rd, Makerere Kikoni Kampala Uganda Uganda
About Giving Hope Foundation


Our mission is to restore hope among vulnerable children and communities that have been affected by poverty, abuse, violence, disease and other natural calamities.

We strive to reduce poverty and its effects among disadvantaged children and communities in Uganda by focusing on smaller groups of children, youths and women as our change agents.


Our MAIN objective is to provide a holistic transformation of young people and disadvantaged communities by offering training, empowerment and exposure to life-changing innovations.

Our SPECIFIC Objectives are:

* To mobilize resources and establish educational opportunities for vulnerable children without any form of discrimination based on religion, tribe, gender, sex, race e.t.c

* To ensure that children are safe, healthy and protected at home, in schools and communities.

* To facilitate the rehabilitation of traumatized children through sports, music, dance, and drama.

* To support community-led initiatives with focus on using sustainable technologies to enhance development.

Our core values:

Five core values that steer our day-to-day standards of operations are:

1. Accountability and Transparency in all our dealings

2. Creating Value for our stakeholders

3. Pursuit of Excellence and continuous Improvement

4. Commitment to personal Integrity

5. Creating a culture of Team Work