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About Elohim Foundation

Elohim Foundation was formerly known as The Carpenter’s Foundation International; a non for profit development organisation founded on the 13th September, 2001 in Abuja –Nigeria and got registered by Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the 29th of April, 2002.


To contribute to the sustainability of the human community through eradication of poverty and impact mitigation of socio-economic challenges and human capacity development


To attain sustainable human society


To provide social intervention services that addresses the challenges of sustainable human society, through people centred approaches in both urban and rural communities.

Strategic Objectives: 


Attaining a position of an effective and efficient development organization that is service driven, providing distinctive range of quality humanitarian services, towards a sustainable human society.


a) To provide community based public health awareness, education and laboratory services aimed at increasing access to infection/disease prevention and treatment to the general public.
b) To improve the socio-economic status of the rural and urban poor.
c) To promote green development and peace building practices among community dwellers.
d) To promote a culture of Democratic Governance and transformational leadership in all human society.
e) To promote knowledge and skills acquisition necessary for human and society development in attaining sustainability.
f) To increase Elohim Foundation operational efficiency and effectiveness.


a) Community sensitization, mobilization for medical outreaches and referral services.
b) Entrepreneurship skills/economic development and community capacity programming among women, children and youths.
c) Environmental education, protection and disaster impact mitigation services and humanitarian in emergency among victims and vulnerable communities.
d) Public accountability and citizenship participation programming among citizens and democratic institutions.
e) A mix of creative alternatives involving training, conferences, seminars and social research activities.
f) Constant monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning processes that will improve the quality of services and ensuring evidence based results at all times.

The Broad rationale for the operations of the organization in all spheres is predicted on the following:
a) That life in general is a costly gift of God, which need be preserved and cherished.
b) That as God’s ambassadors on earth, we are called to complement creation by giving our all towards its sustenance for today and tomorrows generations
c) That human and societal development is a broad band spectrum that requires the input of all sectors, as governments of nations cannot do it alone.