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About Cupertino Hep B Free

Cupertino, a city in the Bay Area, California, has a majority of Asian (Chinese and Indian) population.

Our organization was formed in June 2018 with a goal is to make every resident of Cupertino aware and tested for HepB. It was started with 2 high schoolers and has grown now with over 40 volunteers.

We have been organizing local outreach activities at schools, city events, fairs etc working with local businesses and Cupertino Public health commission and City council.

On July 28th, (world hepatitis day, 2019), we held first in city Hepatitis awareness fair. We had organized information booths, trivia and even held essay and poster competition with the best ideas for outreach. Over 1200 people visited and participate in the fair. The fiar was supported by City and the winners of the competition were awarded prizes by city council member and ex-Mayor. The photos of the fair are at: