Beijing Yirenping Center



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2105A, Zhongsheng Office Building, No. 2 Beifengwo St, Haidian District Beijing 100038 China
About Beijing Yirenping Center

The Beijing Yirenping Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social justice and public health.

It was founded on December 19, 2006 with a mission to educate the public about how to prevent and treat communicable diseases, to provide outreach and assistance to patients, to eliminate discrimination, and to defend the rights of disadvantaged groups through legal means.

Legal Aid

Beijing Yirenping Center has assisted plaintiffs in more than 150 anti-discrimination lawsuits, most of which were high impact and high profile. For example, Yirenping helped file the first case against HBV-related discrimination in work place in Guangdong province, Gansu province, Hubei province and many other provinces. 

Policy Advocacy

The Beijing Yirenping Center has been actively involved in the legislating and revision of laws at the national level. Yirenping was involved in the drafting of China's Employment Promotion Law, Food Safety Law, and Labour Contract Law, as well as other administrative rules and regulations such as the Regulations on the Sanitary Administration of Public Places and the Health Rules on Swimming Areas.