Asociacion Guatemalteca del Higado (Guatemalan Liver Association)



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About Asociacion Guatemalteca del Higado (Guatemalan Liver Association)

The Guatemalan Liver Association, that can shorten AGH, is a private entity, non-profit, apolitical, non-religious, with medical-social character, dedicated to fight against diseases and disorders of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract, through prevention or control activities.

It is formed by people interested in the solution of these conditions, including among its members health professionals, affected individuals and families, as well as anyone seeking the achievement of the aims of this Association.

Goals and Objectives :
1. Inform the public about the importance of the liver for life, and on the measures of prevention of diseases afflicting it.

2. Promote access to preventive measures for liver diseases.

3. To improve the quality of life of those suffering from liver diseases through:
• Inform and train health professionals on aspects of diagnosis, management and prevention of liver diseases.
• Support health services for the formulation and/or updating of guidelines for the management of liver diseases.
• Promote access to diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases.
• Inform patients and their families about the nature of these diseases.
• Encourage and support the patient´s groups and relatives to share experiences, and provide emotional support.
• Support and/or to carry out research on diseases of the liver.

Activities :


  •  Information on general liver care and the prevention of viral hepatitis and other liver diseases. 
  • Consulting, planning, and execution of campaigns of vaccination against Hepatitis B. 


  •  Production of information materials on viral hepatitis and other liver diseases. 
  • Distribution of printed materials to patients, family members, medical and general public. 
  • Translation to the Spanish of information material, created and written in English and other languages by international organizations, these translations are being used in Spanish-speaking foreign patients. 
  • Educational talks and lectures on viral hepatitis. 

Support to patients and relatives

  • Information,advice and individual support to patients and their relatives, by telephone or in person. 
  • Lead meetings of the Support Group of patients.
  • Patient referral to providers of health services.
  • Development, processing and distribution of up-to-date information on viral hepatitis, addressed to individuals and institutions who care for patients with these diseases. 
  • Lectures, seminars and refresher courses for health personnel.