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About Asia Pacific Foundation of Nuwa

Asia Pacific Foundation of Nuwa has dedicated focus on categories of health, education, sustainable development, and poverty. Accordingly, it’d established Nuwa Public Health Education Project Committee and Nuwa Sustainable Development Project Committee as the versatile international organizations for public welfare of Nuwa Asia Pacific Plans. 

Asia Pacific Foundation of Nuwa has devoted efforts on “Asia Pacific Project of Nuwa” with a focus on health, education, sustainability and poverty, performing international charity activities and sustainable development in Asia and Pacific Area. It prevents the spread of disease and poverty, meantime also services people suffered; concerns on education support and regional sustainability development. Dedications to popularize knowledge of disease prevention, and to eliminate the discriminations, safeguards human rights to Impress Responsibilities, Harmonious Sharing.

Our goals
1. Social participation: Close to the public, religion associations, clubs, government, business and labors; combine the cooperation with national institutions of health, education, poverty support, sustainable research to stand against the disease more efficiently, ensure the human rights, and fulfill regional development of sustainability.

2. Support young people to play a part in plans of heath, education, poverty and sustainable development within every level including groups, regions, and nations.

3. Raise public concerns of health, education, poverty and sustainable development, guidance for popularizing knowledge of disease prevention and supporting education developments. Ultimately, passing the responsibilities and share the harmony.

4. Develop and promote the research of anti-discrimination.

5. Defend human rights to establish a harmony world.

We believe education creates concepts and concepts change behaviors. Even today, in the 21th century, disease and drugs flood still. Education also brings us hope only because “Prevention is better than cure.”

to Impress Responsibilities, Harmonious Sharing!