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About Altruism In Action (AIA)

The Altruism in Action (AIA) is an Non Governmental Organisation starts working on Viral Hepatitis Elimination in remote Himalayan Region. AIA legally Registered under society Registration Act 1860.( Indian Government) in September 2017. From 2016 till now AIA successfully carry out following activities.
1. September 2016 : A provided Hepatitis B awareness education to nearly 500 students of Tibetan Children's Village School Ladakh.
B. Mass awareness education on Viral Hepatitis B in community Hall.
C. Helped around 40 hepatitis B patients on their investigations. Specially on DNA Viral loads test. Actual cost of DNA Viral loads 7000 rupees, AIA help of Nacto Pharmaceutical company done test at 1000 rupees.
D. Gave Hepatitis B medications at discount rate with the help of Pharmaceutical company and free Hepatitis B medications to financially
E. poor patients through communities PHC.(Primary health center)
2. 2017 :
A. Posted Viral Hepatitis related topic in various social media.
B. DNA viral load test done for 30 patients at remote Ladakh Region.
C. Helped around 20 patients on their treatment.
3. 2018 :
A. Hepatitis B awareness education program at remote nomadic areas of Himalaya.
B. DNA Viral loads test done for 30 patients at Ladakh.
C. Distributed hepatitis B medications at discount rate for many patients.
4 2019 :
From May 2019 The Tibet Fund collaboration with Altruism in Action (AIA) carried out following activities.
A. On 3rd June 2019, Viral Hepatitis B awareness education to staffs and students of Tibetan Children's Village School Ladakh.
B. On 7th June 2019, AIA conducted workshop on Hepatitis B awareness education and concept of Hepatitis B investigations with PHC nurse at Ladakh.
C. On 8th June 2019, we organized hepatitis B Awareness education program to general public ( she 18 to 60 years) at Sonamling Tibetan Settelment Ladakh. Padmashree Dr. Tsering Norboo as a guest of speaker.
D. From 12th, 13th, 14th, 25th and 26th June we successfully conducted Hepatitis B awareness education program to people of Jangthang nomadic areas located at a whopping height of 14,846 feet above see level.
E. On World Hepatitis Day, 28th July 2019. AIA done Free Hepatitis B and C free Screening test at Tibetan Monastery in Himalayan Region.
B. Awareness education program on viral Hepatitis.
Helping on investigations, immunization and treatment with the help of The Tibet Fund.
H. AIA collaboration with The Tibet Fund is continue helping hepatitis infected patients and aim to eliminate Hepatitis B from our community.