Advancing Clinical Treatment of Liver Disease



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About Advancing Clinical Treatment of Liver Disease

Advancing Clinical Treatment – Hepatitis Liver Disease (ACT-LD), an aggregate corporation, is an internationally renowned organization that dedicates itself to preventive and diagnostic care of liver diseases.

The founding mission was to enhance advancement of medical knowledge exchange towards significant development in liver diseases through promoting public awareness in the field, improving care quality and treatment result for patients. In 2004, ACT-LD Taiwan was founded and kicked off in the United States.

In 2005, ACT-LD first reached Asia Pacific area, where Hepatitis B had been prevailing, and launched chapters in 14 Asia Pacific countries. In Taiwan, where efforts in prevention and treatment of liver diseases have been widely recognized, ACT-LD local chapter was established on November 29th, 2005.

ACT-LD Taiwan is under direction of a council of elite liver specialist doctors, with two major focuses: professional education and public awareness promotion. For professional education, ACT-LD Taiwan updates latest information and research development in liver diseases to doctors, so as to improve liver disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment in Taiwan. For raising public awareness, ACT-LD Taiwan starts from the basics by promoting the right concepts, hoping to mitigate the dire situation of prevailing liver diseases in Taiwan.

ACT-LD Taiwan is founded to promote right concepts of prevention, tracking and treatment of liver diseases, thereby improving liver treatment rate. By boosting awareness on liver disease treatment, ACT-LD Taiwan aims to enhance medical care quality and treatment result of Hepatitis B patients and other liver disease patients, easing the liver disease threat in Taiwan. Moreover, ACT-LD yearns to serve as a bridge that connects Taiwan to the world, facilitating most advanced medical knowledge exchange, providing the most accurate and comprehensive information as well as treatment approaches, eventually delivering a better life to all patients!