Global Hepatitis Contest

Global Hepatitis Contest

Working with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine we launched a crowdsourcing challenge in early 2021 to gather stories and infographics from the public, with a focus on people living with and affected by hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hepatitis D.

Through analysis of the submissions, our aim is to identify barriers in people’s health seeking process and find culturally sensitive, locally appropriate solutions to improve health services delivery for viral hepatitis. Further, through sharing the contest submissions, we aim to spur the interest of health leadership and integrate community perspectives into the policy-making process.

The final submissions will be available on the NOhep website later this year.

Multisectoral workshops

Following the receipt of the contest submissions a series of regional and domestic multisectoral workshops will be conducted to celebrate excellent submissions, share problems and solutions and spur action.



African regional meeting

We brought together the 4 African finalists from the Global Hepatitis Contest, along with other stakeholders in the region to demonstrate how hepatitis is impacting people and communities in Africa and explore the role of different stakeholders in overcoming the challenges communities face. 

This meeting was held as a virtual pre-meeting at the Conference on Liver Disease in Africa (COLDA) on the 8 September 2021 and it saw advocates, policy makers, medical professionals and other stakeholders in the region come together to discuss what needs to happen if we are to overcome the barriers to diagnosis. The discussion explored the impact of stigma and discrimination on the response with different suggestions for combatting this put forward. With one of our finalists a young girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo the meeting also looked at the importance of hepatitis in young people and the need to engage with young people in the response.